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1, What is the mission statement of Cedarliving?
Cedarliving is founded on a deep respect for family values and for the elderly who wish to remain in West Vancouver at a comfortable seniors’ community service facility. Therefore, our mission statement is to empower and enrich the lives of senior citizens through the development and operation of a retirement community that offers an exceptional independent senior living experience. Our motto is: Better Facilities. Better Services.

2, What makes 530 Inglewood Ave an ideal location for a senior's community?
This location boasts both accessibility and privacy, and is, therefore, ideally suited to foster an active, comfortable, enriched, and sustainable senior’s community that will redefine West Van retirement living. Cedarliving will not be considered as a residential property when it comes to property assessment of the neighbourhood. This high-end facility will not only offer state-of-the-art concepts and anti-aging technology and services, but it will also increase the long-term property value of the neighbourhood.

3, What additional benefits does Cedarliving provide to West Vancouver residents?
*A 3-month Rent-Free Coupon towards the rental of an independent living unit will be offered to a limited number of West Vancouver residents that are early registrants through Cedarliving’s Neighbour First Program. For complete information and registration, please see the section of “Register”;
*To promote housing availability and to alleviate inter-regional traffic of West Vancouver, besides offering independent living units to senior citizens, Cedarliving has also designated 186 units (“Cedarliving Employee Housing”) for people that work at West Vancouver (“West Vancouver Employees”) at a rental fee that is 10% below-market rate for a pre-determined duration;
*Align with the District of West Vancouver, Cedarliving acknowledges that its building will be on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the Squamish Nation, Tsleil-Waututh Nation, and Musqueam Nation. To honor and recognize these First Nations, in collaboration with First Nations, Cedarliving will construct a 5,400 sq ft “West Vancouver and Indigenous Cultural and Heritage Center” free for the West Vancouver community to use. 

4, What exclusive benefits does Cedarliving bring to the residents of the Cedardale Community?
*One of Cedarliving’s goals is to build an essential community facility that meets the needs of the aging population and the housing demand of Cedardale and West Vancouver;
*Cedarliving proposes to erect a good number of free parking stalls, including car lots and EV chargers, the staffs/parents of the Cedardale Elementary and Ceardale traffic will benefit from these;
*Cedarliving will construct a public washroom for the Cedardale Elementary playground players and community residents;
*Within Cedarliving’s amenities, approximately 8,000 sq ft of amenities will be accessible to the residents of the Cedardale Community.
*The “Rooftop Club” - To access and enjoy Rooftop’s facilities, such as restaurants, café, and library, members of the public can enroll in a membership and pay a membership fee. Meanwhile, after Cedarliving’s building project is approved, a number of lucky Cedardale Community residents may receive free lifetime membership;
*To foster a sense of community, Cedarliving plans to construct a 2,000 sq ft “Cedardale Center” within its building. Cedardale Center will be accessible to the residents of the Cedardale Community. Further, there will be two offices within the Cedardale Center available for the Cedardale community.

5, Why is Cedarliving basically a project dedicated to alleviating traffic in the Cedardale community and West Vancouver?
*Another one of Cedarliving’s goals is to provide its residents with sufficient amenities so that Cedarliving in many ways can be a self-sustaining community that does not add too much additional burden onto the already busy traffic of West Vancouver and the Cedardale Community;
*Some of Cedarliving’s parking spaces are the restricted parking spaces, that is, vehicles can only be moved during the designated 12-hour off-peak hours;
*As previously said, Cedarliving proposes to erect 65 free parking stalls around Cedardale Elementary, and these parking stalls should reduce the number of vehicles on the roads driving anxiously looking for a parking stall. For example, teachers and parents during mornings and afternoons of the regular school day should be able to find a parking stall much easier;
*The designated 186 units reserved for West Vancouver Employees should reduce West Vancouver’s existing inter-regional traffic and the scattered traffic demand;
*As previously said, Cedarliving plans to construct a 5,400 sq ft “West Vancouver & Indigenous Cultural and Heritage Center”. The purpose of this Cultural and Heritage Center is to facilitate active ongoing dialogues and cultural exchanges between West Vancouver residents and members of First Nations, including finding more fundamental transportation solutions.

6, What is Cedarliving Employee Housing? 
Cedarliving Employee Housing is rental units rented to West Vancouver employees at 10% below the rental market rate for a pre-determined duration. The intention is to meet the housing needs of people that work at West Vancouver.

7, What environmental impact would Cedarliving have on the Cedardale Community and the rest of West Vancouver?
*Since 2019, West Vancouver and the North Shore have experienced severe hemlock looper moth outbreaks, causing devastating damages to local forests. Cedarliving is making full use of this opportunity to work with environmental professionals to develop and formulate a tree preservation & replanting plan for its building site, aiming to remedy the adverse impact that climate change has on the environment.
*The view corridor study shows that the proposed building is overall in harmony with the site character. Cedarliving is doing its best to plan the hedge with sufficient width and proper height to protect the privacy exposure and reduce light pollution. Further, compared to similar facilities nearby, the proposed building has lower density and deeper community engagement.

8, What Community engagements is Cedarliving conducting?
*Cedarliving project brief and advertisements have been published on North Shore News, of local Communities, West Vancouver Seniors Scene, and directly mailed to 500 neighbors. Further, more information regarding Cedarliving’s community engagements can be found on this Website.
*Your comments and opinions are extremely important to this project. You are welcome to chat with us on or send an email to After these community engagements, we will submit the application to the District of West Vancouver. 


Community benefits

Cedarliving is an all-rental senior community facility that provides 307 seniors independent living units and 186 Employee Housing units;

3-months rent-free promotion under the Neighbor First Program towards the rental of independent living unit;

In the first 10 years, the Employee Housing units will only rent to people that works at West Vancouver and at 10% below market rate discount;

Propose parking lots, EV chargers, and public washroom to reduce street parking and school traffic;

5,400sqft "West Van & Indigenous Cultural and Heritage Center" plus 2,000sqft Cedardale Centre space free for community use;

BC Energy Step Code and Healthy Building will further increase the overall sustainability of our community;

Propose partly widen Inglewood Ave and replace the Brother Creek Bridge.



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